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It has been a while since I last wrote a blog! Like most people its all about time and the feeling like there is none!

So let me get straight to it we are nearly ready to start a Cedar Shake Re Roof, we are so excited something different and of course challenging especially during  winter, timing is everything when you are dealing with roofs as a career.The Cedar Shake roof  makes a statement and looks beautiful. Today I am going to blog  about Cedar Shakes next time I will blog about Cedar Shingles, as there is a difference, Cedar Shakes are the rugged brother of shingles. Cedar Shakes give a certain look to your home and add rustic charm.

The Cedar Shake roof has a life of approx 30 years, its wise to have the cedar shakes treated to add longevity it changes the colour of the shakes, but its a personal preference. The ruggedness if the shakes comes from the type of surface cut which is rough cut, which then causes gouges and imperfections, Traditionally, cedar shakes were made by splitting wood with a froe and mallet, from using this method its how the wood got its charm and interesting  look as no two pieces are the same. Cedar shakes are still made by hand, there is also a lot of machinery involved, wood splitters cut and split up logs and skilled handlers move pieces through a series of different cuts to ensure quality is maintained. A cedar shake is much thicker than a shingle but more about the shingle in my next blog. There are many different types of wood grains and cuts and there is also a different in wood grades, ranging from grade 1 to grade 4. So... Cedar Shakes are naturally thicker then shingles as I said before which can also partly account for their higher cost and they are best suited for roofs of 4 in 12 pitch or greater. There are three types of wood shake, Heavy split / resawn a classic cedar shake with high quality wood being used. The nest is Medium split / resawn , these shakes are identical to heavy split still offering a beautiful look for your roof, just different thickness and a cheaper, the last is Tapersawn, this is the most popular shake on the market its has great versatility, it has the uniform look of wood shingles and the shadows of shakes it comes in various thickness.

So to anyone out there thinking of having a cedar shake roof call Domain Roofing Pty Ltd. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, next blog is about Cedar Shingles.

Stay Warm Mick     

This time I am going to write about Cedar Shingles as there is a difference between Cedar shakes and Cedar shingles.

We Can also supply and install your Cedar Shake and Shingle Roof. 

Both of these products are very environmentally friendly and look stunning! Cedar shingles are much loved for their economical price, aesthetic appearance and protective abilities. They add a lot of charm and character to any home. A Cedar shingle roof is a great long term investment is can last for at least 30 years as in comparsion to Asphalt Shingle roof which may only last 15 years, I may be wrong! A Cedar shingle roof  will give your home a smooth uniform look and the appearance is due to the way in which the cedar shingles get produced. Wood Shingles do come in three different sizes 1) Fivex Shingles, 2) Perfection shingles 3) Royal shingles,  they are all different sizes and dimensions and used on various styles of roofs as to which pitch would suit which shingle we have all the dimensions here and should any one need help please contact Domain Roofing Pty Ltd. As there are so many types of trees in the forest and different ways to cut them its easy to see why there is different wood grades. Always pay attention to wood grading as not can make a huge difference for your Cedar roof or siding and each grade of wood has a different purpose. There are premium options for both a Cedar shake roof and Shingle roof Fancy-butt Shingles, fire-retardant application and Fungas prevention application, which I will talk more about in my next blog. Western Red Cedar Shingles are a stunning looking product and can make your home look like a rustic castle in amongst the chaos of a suburban jungle why have what everybody else has? Yep its costly but its so good, this style honestly complements fine architecture and adds natural beauty to any home. Call Domain Roofing Pty Ltd for supply of Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles and we can also install them! We love creating and making the top of your home looks its best and functional .  Thank you for reading, Mick 

Roof flashings and why they are important 

Roof flashings, what are they I hear you cry? Well, the roof flashings are the parts that are put on your roof over the joints, chimneys, any potential weak points, or other necessary places that can become vulnerable to leaking and flooding. They prevent weakening of your roof and stop water coming in through joins. Why are they important? Well, if they are not good quality, they can deteriorate and cause leaks, or if they are not installed correctly then they can also cause leaks.   

Flashings can be made of aluminium, copper, steel, rubber, or roofing felt. 

How do they work? Well, the flashing provides an impervious water membrane to the roof that collects any water seeping through and redirects it back out o the roof, reducing the risk of leaks in the home, and preventing moisture related problems. If installed correctly, they can reduce mould and dampness. Another amazing use, is that flashing can reduce the likelihood of insects getting into your roof and causing structural damage. Not only are they beneficial to your roof, they also make your roof look great as they provide a border to your roofline that gives it a finished quality. 

Flashings are important on all roofs, but especially those that are flat, as there is a potential for water pooling that can cause damage. 

So in short, roof flashings are super important, and should be a consideration for you when you are having your roof built or repaired.  

Metal Roofing 

It has been a while!

Christmas has come and gone as well as holidays and nearly summer!. We are going from strength to strength as a small company and always looking to challenge ourselves and keep learning and growing with integrity and innovation.Today I would like to write about  Metal roofing. Metal roofing can be contracted from many different materials there is  steel, aluminium, copper and zinc alloys. There are so many choices but for  domestic purposes aluminium metal roofing is most suited and for a higher end finish with long lasting appeal and one of my favourites is copper roofing, alloy and stainless steel. So why choose metal roofing? My first point constructed using recycled materials and can be completely recycled, we use a scrap metal business to come and collect the old metal roofing, Fantastic! my next few points are Built to last, fire proof, good insulation so energy efficient, strong, sturdy and durable, can coat for rust and corrosion, can be painted, and Little maintenance especially the higher end stuff! There are a few things which you also need to be aware of, its expensive but there are still plus sides to metal roofing and over the years it would pay itself off as there is not much maintenance and the sound of rain on the roof is awesome but once agin in a heavy downpour it can be very noisy. The installation process is very labour intensive but being a certified roof tiler and having worked in the industry for 30 years I kind of like metal roofing. A another thing to remember is the the use of aluminium for roofing purposes as this is a needed resource and the environmentalists are concerned as we all should be to help this beautiful planet.   

So my latest blog about... metal roofing. Thank you for reading and watch out my next blog.  

Lets Talk Moss!

Moss on roofs can cause problems not big to start with but if it continues without any maintenance the problem grows bigger just like the moss on your roof. Wood rotting and the obstruction of drainage points can become a issue and it can also reduce the lifespan of your roof. Most roofs do experience moss or lichen growth, small patches are fixable quiet easy but if it spreads these are some of the things they may happen, Moss can break off and fall into gutters and downpipes blocking your drainage systems which if not cleaned out can lead to replacement of guttering. Moss also is like a sponge absorbing moisture which in turn makes your roof constantly wet, if the moisture travels to the underneath tiles it may rot the wooden components of your roof, then this could result in structural integrity being comprised and costly repairs, having a pitched roof you would think it would be ok, but think again moss is everywhere, the main benefit of having a pitched roof is easy drainage of precipitation due to the sloped angle, moss can however hold onto the water by absorbing the moisture and not letting it drain away. 

Removing moss from tiles

Be cautions when using chemicals like moss killer and always where the correct clothing and protective accessories, be mindful the chemicals can run off your roof and have the potential to contaminate groundwater. Try using a brush and gentle brush the moss from the tiles given the area is not large and manageable. Also be mindful when using a pressure washer as this could lead to further damage of your tiles and the water can leak into your roof interior making it soaking wet.

Prevention of Moss  

One of the best ways to stop moss growing is by installing copper ridges to your roof, the rainwater falls onto these ridges , a coppery residue is released and runs down the roof discouraging moss growth. Maintenance and cleaning your roof is also one the best things you can do.

Thank you for reading Mick  from Domain Roofing Pty Ltd  

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner!

This is the perfect time to think about an upgrade to your roof or total replacement as the weather conditions are more stable and less temperamental, even though at Domain Roofing Pty Ltd we work all during the cooler months. Moisture levels are low meaning it is more of a favourable time if you are having a roof completely replaced, less likely to rain and the work can start early in the morning as the roof is dry for the roofers to start the days work. There is more light due to day light saving and who doesn't like a tan! At Domain Roofing Pty Ltd we do promote sunscreen. Victoria weather is very unpredictable and this can make it hard to start or even complete roofing projects the weather really does dominate this industry. Wind, rain, snow, and frost all plays a part. Having a damaged roof does effect the thermal efficiency of your home, not having this issues attended to during winter can result in heat escaping through the roof and energy bills sky rocketing, having your roof repaired and replaced in the warmer months means you are ready for the oncoming winter season. So Please call Domain Roofing Pty Ltd on  0487 960 644 we would be more than happy to have a chat or come out and take a look at your roof, to give you the best option. 

Cheers Mick 

Domain Roofing is now a Pty Ltd Company

Thanks for all the support over the past 6 months while we continue to build our business. We've met a lot of great people and continue to do so. What we've enjoyed most is building a company on our own families core values of kindness, honesty, and mutual respect. As anyone knows having your own small business is a 7 day a week 24 hours a day job serving our customers, and the only way you know if you are doing it well is from recommendations and repeat business, both of which we have.

Hope you get through the Winter season, Summer is just around the corner (well that is what we keep telling ourselves, must keep up the glimmer of hope!!).



New start to the financial year!

Pinch punch first day of the month - it's July and we are not even half way through Winter, kids are on holidays, and everyone is off to Hawaii for some sunshine (seeing as Bali is closed with the volcanic ash!!).

Lots of repairs last month, as to be expected this time of year, but also I have been busy with a lot of new roofing and have been really getting into using metal. In the upcoming months we will be starting standing seam roofs which are striking to the eye and I am looking forward to working with clients on how to make all their roofing dreams come true. A good roof really 'caps' off a beautiful house. So whether you are repairing or building new, give us a call!!  

Thanks for reading!!


Welcome to Winter!

Hey guys, this is my first blog. Welcome and thanks for reading.

Our roofing business has been getting busy with the onset of the winter rains this week. I have had a few emergency call-outs, and we are happy to assist with your emergency roofing needs, just give us a call and we will get there as quick as we can. If you would prefer to be proactive though, and prepare for the ongoing rain and wind, give us a call to come and inspect your roof. This is particularly crucial after the recent strong winds, as these could have loosened tiles or metal sheets etc. which could be a problem later on.

Most people don't know what to look for when trying to assess potential leaks, or don't feel safe getting up on their roof. That's what I am here for! After 20 years in roofing, being up high is where I am most comfortable.     

Thanks for reading, and please give us a call for all your roofing needs,