Canadian Western Red Cedar Shakes & Shingles

The beauty and significant difference by using this product will have all the neighbours pondering their next roof or wall exterior as this product looks stunning. It can add a point of difference to any home whether using this material on your roof or as wall cladding. 

The aroma also from using Cedar shakes or Shingles is stunning, a rich woody, earthy smell of a cedar forest.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using this product, it is not as popular here in Australia as other parts of the world but here are some points to help you decide if Cedar is meant for you and your home.

  • Cedar roofing material has high R- values (thermal resistance) this means cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This conserves energy and reduces the imprint left on the environment.
  • Structural strength? Cedar is the leader, cedar weighs less than most of the other roofing materials out there (75%). By choosing wood for your roof you are adding structural strength, rather than adding weight. Cedar also preforms well in strong gusty winds, hurricanes and hail storm’s due to its wood fibres and natural resilience.
  • Cedar is also a renewable resource, wood regenerates naturally, which is more than what other materials can claim.
  • The Cedar shake and shingle industry also tries to maximize all the wood which is brought into the timber mills, cedar shakes and shingles are made from salvaged wood fibre which is left over wood from logging, they also salvage wood from the forest floor.
  • Western Red Cedar has known to be called the worlds most sustainable resource and also one of the worlds most researched woods. Western Red Cedar does produce fewer greenhouse gases, also generates less water, air pollution and requires less energy to produce.  
  • The longevity of a Western Red Cedar roof will last approximately 30 years and longer if you have your shakes or shingles treated, they do weather quite quickly and turn a silver grey. We recommend having them treated, but it’s a personal choice.

Here at Domain Roofing Pty Ltd we only use the finest Western Red Cedar from Canada, all Shakes are Handsplit and Resawn using Grade 1 standard.

For both products Shakes or shingles we can supply and install.

There is a blog on my website talking about both Shakes and shingles and we are always happy to talk to people about this product, that we highly recommend.

Western Red Cedar has many uses the obvious is Roofing, Wall Cladding which can be painted any colour of your choice and one we like pool cabanas, it’s all about creativity and adding your own sense of style to your  home to make it pop.

It is not everyone’s first choice but definitely worth a look!

So please call us here at Domain Roofing Pty Ltd to supply or install your next Western Red Cedar Roof or cladding for exterior walls.