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Cedar Shake Roof

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It has been a while since I last wrote a blog! Like most people its all about time and the feeling like there is none!

So let me get straight to it we are nearly ready to start a Cedar Shake Re Roof, we are so excited something different and of course challenging especially during  winter, timing is everything when you are dealing with roofs as a career.The Cedar Shake roof  makes a statement and looks beautiful. Today I am going to blog  about Cedar Shakes next time I will blog about Cedar Shingles, as there is a difference, Cedar Shakes are the rugged brother of shingles. Cedar Shakes give a certain look to your home and add rustic charm.

The Cedar Shake roof has a life of approx 30 years, its wise to have the cedar shakes treated to add longevity it changes the colour of the shakes, but its a personal preference. The ruggedness if the shakes comes from the type of surface cut which is rough cut, which then causes gouges and imperfections, Traditionally, cedar shakes were made by splitting wood with a froe and mallet, from using this method its how the wood got its charm and interesting  look as no two pieces are the same. Cedar shakes are still made by hand, there is also a lot of machinery involved, wood splitters cut and split up logs and skilled handlers move pieces through a series of different cuts to ensure quality is maintained. A cedar shake is much thicker than a shingle but more about the shingle in my next blog. There are many different types of wood grains and cuts and there is also a different in wood grades, ranging from grade 1 to grade 4. So… Cedar Shakes are naturally thicker then shingles as I said before which can also partly account for their higher cost and they are best suited for roofs of 4 in 12 pitch or greater. There are three types of wood shake, Heavy split / resawn a classic cedar shake with high quality wood being used. The nest is Medium split / resawn , these shakes are identical to heavy split still offering a beautiful look for your roof, just different thickness and a cheaper, the last is Tapersawn, this is the most popular shake on the market its has great versatility, it has the uniform look of wood shingles and the shadows of shakes it comes in various thickness.

So to anyone out there thinking of having a cedar shake roof call Domain Roofing Pty Ltd. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, next blog is about Cedar Shingles.

Stay Warm Mick     

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