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Cedar Shakes

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It has been a long long time between drinks! In regards to writing a Blog.

A lot has happened to the world and we all know what I am referring too. As for business in the roofing industry we are ticking along slowly and over the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to replace and re roof with Cedar Shingles. We still have a few pallets left of Western Red Cedar Shakes. So lets talk Cedar Shakes a little different to shingles. Shakes  are imperfect and deliciously original and unique with every piece of timber to be layed on someones roof and less uniformed (shingles)  as I mentioned in my last blog 10 years ago it seems.  Like the Cedar shingles, Cedar Shakes can give any home a rustic beauty and charm of a farmhouse, cabin, and country home by the sea appeal for the eyes to gaze upon and add a touch of difference to most homes, well that’s here in Australia as they are not used to much, something here at Domain Roofing Pty Ltd we would like to change.  Cedar shakes are naturally thicker than shingles, they are best suited for roofs of a 4 in 12 pitch or greater. they are 3 types of wood shake, each with there own set of qualities and purposes. 1) Heavy split and resawn ( we currently have these in stock) and had the pleasure of re roofing a home on the Mornington Peninsula and it looked stunning images are on our website and google my business. 2) Medium split and reason 3) Tapersawn. Google this place Nantucket Island in America they have lots of homes with shakes and shingle roofing and cladding, great for ideas.  

These types of roofs will last for around 30 years and does make it an investment for any home. The rustic appeal and rough appearance is due to the way in which these pieces of wood are cut and formed in the mill still to this day they are made by hand and there is machinery involved in the process like wood splitters cut and split up the logs skilled wood men and handlers move the series through various cuts. The traditional way of splitting cedar was with a mallet and a froe, by doing this and using this method it created imperfections and gouges in to the wood which is what folks love about this type of roofing, its not perfect and nor are humans? But this is a classy and beautiful type of roofing product please call Domain Roofing Pty Ltd for any cedar inquires.  

So I hope you have enjoyed this latest blog and I will do my best to write one a week even if its two words. Stay Safe, thank you for reading Domain Roofing Pty Ltd 

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