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Metal Roofing

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It has been a while!

Christmas has come and gone as well as holidays and nearly summer!. We are going from strength to strength as a small company and always looking to challenge ourselves and keep learning and growing with integrity and innovation.Today I would like to write about  Metal roofing. Metal roofing can be contracted from many different materials there is  steel, aluminium, copper and zinc alloys. There are so many choices but for  domestic purposes aluminium metal roofing is most suited and for a higher end finish with long lasting appeal and one of my favourites is copper roofing, alloy and stainless steel. So why choose metal roofing? My first point constructed using recycled materials and can be completely recycled, we use a scrap metal business to come and collect the old metal roofing, Fantastic! my next few points are Built to last, fire proof, good insulation so energy efficient, strong, sturdy and durable, can coat for rust and corrosion, can be painted, and Little maintenance especially the higher end stuff! There are a few things which you also need to be aware of, its expensive but there are still plus sides to metal roofing and over the years it would pay itself off as there is not much maintenance and the sound of rain on the roof is awesome but once agin in a heavy downpour it can be very noisy. The installation process is very labour intensive but being a certified roof tiler and having worked in the industry for 30 years I kind of like metal roofing. A another thing to remember is the the use of aluminium for roofing purposes as this is a needed resource and the environmentalists are concerned as we all should be to help this beautiful planet.   

So my latest blog about… metal roofing. Thank you for reading and watch out my next blog.  

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