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Roof Flashings and Why They Are Important

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Roof flashings, what are they I hear you cry? Well, the roof flashings are the parts that are put on your roof over the joints, chimneys, any potential weak points, or other necessary places that can become vulnerable to leaking and flooding. They prevent weakening of your roof and stop water coming in through joins. Why are they important? Well, if they are not good quality, they can deteriorate and cause leaks, or if they are not installed correctly then they can also cause leaks.   

Flashings can be made of aluminium, copper, steel, rubber, or roofing felt. 

How do they work? Well, the flashing provides an impervious water membrane to the roof that collects any water seeping through and redirects it back out o the roof, reducing the risk of leaks in the home, and preventing moisture related problems. If installed correctly, they can reduce mould and dampness. Another amazing use, is that flashing can reduce the likelihood of insects getting into your roof and causing structural damage. Not only are they beneficial to your roof, they also make your roof look great as they provide a border to your roofline that gives it a finished quality. 

Flashings are important on all roofs, but especially those that are flat, as there is a potential for water pooling that can cause damage. 

So in short, roof flashings are super important, and should be a consideration for you when you are having your roof built or repaired.  

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